The VA Governors Race is important to women

I’ve been following bits and pieces of the VA governor’s race. I’m going to just lay everything out on the table- I despise Ken Cuccinelli. While I understand that Virginia is obviously a conservative state, I think that Ken Cuccinelli is far to conservative to be part of the 21st century, and the main reason I believe this is his stance on women during his campaign.

First, Cuccinelli wants to ban all forms of birth control, not just abortion, but the pill too, as well as remove funding for women’s clinics like Planned Parenthood. He wants to ban abortion in all cases, including times of rape, incest and when a pregnancy threatens a women’s health. I’m sorry but I have this radical belief that if you don’t have lady parts you probably should keep your nose out of legislation that doesn’t even concern you. My biggest problem with the Republican Party, which is dominated by wealthy, white men, is that they try to tell me what I can and can’t do with my body. I think that concept that a man can rule of a women’s body, telling her what she can and can’t do because maybe it violates his beliefs, is a huge problem. It just continues the patriarchal concept that women can’t make their own decisions. That they need their white knight to protect her and make a decision for her because she’s completely incapable to do so on her own. I’m a women, who can make an educated decision on her own and I don’t need rich male bureaucrats telling me what I can and can’t do with my reproductive rights. Ladies, I’m not sure if you heard of the Virginia abortion bill that was passed in 2012. This bill requires that when you receive an ultrasound before you have an abortion. This ultrasound has no medical necessity– it’s only purpose is to try and deter women from receiving an abortion. Ken Cuccinelli was one of the state legislators that supported this bill and got it to pass.

In the most recent debate, Terry McAuliffe as usual brought up Cuccinelli’s view on women and his track record for hurting women through his legislation choices. Cuccinelli’s response was “no one has helped women more than me”. He said he created an organization while he was at UVA to help rape victims and that he has helped provide domestic violence campaigns through the attorney general’s office. Cool story bro. You did a few good things. Do you think that counteracts the numerous things you have proposed and continue to advocate that squash any and all rights for the women of Virginia? You were one of three attorney generals in the United States who didn’t sign a letter to help reauthorize Violence Against Women Act. You have condoned Republican’s in the state legislature to ratify several bills to shut down women’s clinics. You introduced a bill to provide criminal penalties to doctors who preform abortions despite abortion being held up by the Supreme Court. You proposed a person-hood bill that would make interfere with women’s reproductive rights, even in cases of fertility treatments and managing a miscarriage by making conception be the starting point of life. You call idea of birth control as a preventative measure a “sterilization mandate” ignoring the horrors that women and men of Virginia suffered due to the fact they had mental disorders they were forced by the state to give up their reproductive rights and were forcefully sterilized (a program that only ended 34 years ago). So please, understand why I don’t believe that you don’t do shit for the women of this state just because you did two nice things for women in your political career.

Now ladies if that alone didn’t make your blood boil, here’s something that will. Second, Cuccinelli wants to make change divorce laws. A little background for my followers who don’t live in Virginia, while there are some grounds for divorce (ie adultery, abuse, felony convictions) most people in Virginia get divorces on the grounds  of no-fault divorce, where they separate for 6 months if there are no minor children or 12 months if there are minor children. Cuccinelli proposed a bill in 2008 that would make it impossible for a couple with children to get a no fault divorce. His reasoning it that divorce has a bad influence on children. As a child of divorce, while my parent’s divorce wasn’t the ideal situation for anyone involved. My parents didn’t get married thinking they were going to get divorced. Shit happens. That being said, I’m absolutely glad my parents got divorced. My house was a war-zone. My parents were yelling at each other all the time. So while divorce isn’t a great option, it’s a better option than a child learning that’s what a marriage is supposed to be and being under perpetual stress because they’re parents are always fighting.

So sorry not sorry Cuccinelli, I hope you lose. I think the fact that you want to impose your personal and religious beliefs upon every one is a problem. I think the fact that you think that you can govern a woman’s body just because your in a place of power is sickening. I think that you want to tell women how she should act on her reproductive system is a problem because guess what, you don’t have lady parts and none of that legislation concerns you.



One thought on “The VA Governors Race is important to women

  1. I agree with you that women should be the ones making decisions about their own bodies. Cuccinelli can say he’s done some good things for women, but overall he is hindering progression and pushing way too far backwards. Even though I’m originally from Maryland, I hope the election goes well for Virginia.

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