Why its tough to be a woman in politics: Part 2

Women in politics are categorized into stereotypes: the most popular are the Ditz (ie Sarah Palin) and the Bitch (ie Hilary Clinton). While I’m not going to dispute that there will be women politicians who will fall into this category, I will say that you should not demean or trash women candidate on whether or not the fit into their category, you should criticize them on their ideology and political beliefs.

During Sarah Palin’s election run with John McCain, a man moved into the house next door to her and wrote a book called “Rogue” depicting lies of extramarital affairs and drug use. Throughout the campaign, Palin was objectified for how she looked being seen as a sex symbol instead of a politician. She was framed as a bad mother because her daughter was pregnant during the campaign and she wanted to run for national office while having a young child with Down’s Syndrome. Most of her criticism was focused on how she measured up as a women, not on her ideology or political beliefs and let’s be real people, there’s plenty of things to criticize Sarah Palin on when considering her stance on policies.


Hilary has been portrayed as the cold-hearted bitch of American politics. Even people who advocate for a change in how people dipict women, still say thing such as Hilary “finally has permission to be a bitch” and “As a post-menopausal woman, she no longer needs to concern herself with the armies of attackers who for years have ceaselessly found her insufficiently girlish, womanly, or sexually desirable.” I think its important to note that Hilary is perceived as a bitch because she’s taking on the role as the firm leader in order to “fit” better in the patriarchal and man-centered culture that is our political system.

Again, there will be women who fit into the general stereotypes of the “Bitch” and the “Ditz” but I think that it’s important that we as a society try and move ourselves away from the mind set of classifying women in this way to a point where it hinders their success. I think instead we should solely focus on the ideologies and the political beliefs of the women who run for office and maybe we no longer will be the developed nation with the lowest amount of women in our governmental offices.


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