Texas’s New Voter ID law– Something Fishy

It may just be me but I find something rather fishy about Texas’s new voter ID law being passed after Wendy Davis became rather popular among women voters.

Some back story. Wendy Davis got on the national stage when she filibustered a bill that put extreme restrictions on women’s reproductive rights and health. Her filibuster brought not only national attention, but attention from the women in the state of Texas, who began protesting during her filibuster and afterwards at the Texas capital building. The bill was passed despite the filibuster, and currently the bill is being heard by Texas courts on its legitimacy.

Because of her rise to fame, due to the filibuster, and her growing popularity, Wendy decided to run for governor. This is a huge deal because first, she’s a woman and second, she’s a Democrat, both are demographics that don’t always jive with Texas’ overall beliefs. In a poll, Wendy was trailing the Republican candidate by 8%.

Now, enter in this new voter ID law. Texas made a new voter ID law, that says your name on your photo ID has to match the name on your name on your voter ID card. This disproportionately affects women because women traditionally change their name when they marry, making is much easier for women being unable to vote in the upcoming elections as well as women who divorce and choose to change their last name to back to their maiden name. It even affects people who have their middle name on their drivers license but they don’t have their middle name on their voter ID card. The other part of the law is that your photo ID has to be one of the photo IDs on the list, so college students cannot use their school ID as voter identification (another way to disenfranchise Democrat voters). I don’t know about you but I think it’s pretty fishy that this law that mainly affects women voting but also affects other Democrat voters would be put in to effect when a popular woman gubernatorial candidate becomes a threat.

Let me know if you agree or disagree.



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