Women President 2016: Hilary Clinton

I love the idea of Hilary running for president. I think he’s one of the best candidates for the democratic party in 2016, plus how fantastic would it be for us to have a racial minority president and a women president back to back?

I think Hilary would be a good option for president for a few reasons:

1. Hilary has the experience to be a president. She’s been a Senator— she’s already been voted by the people and worked to serve her constituents. She was a senator for nine years, during the terms both George W. Bush and Obama. She knows how to work across the aisle to get legislation passed. She’s been the Secretary of State— she’s already built relationships and been an advocate for the United States in other countries. She knows how to use and build relations with other nations for the good of the US. She’s been a First Lady— she knows how the presidency works and how to live in the limelight of the White House.

2. She has the support. Hilary already has a superpac, Ready for Hilary. Plus she’s already getting endorsements from other people, such as former president Jimmy Carter and Senator Chuck Schumer. People in politics see her qualifications and how she would be a good fit for the presidency.

3. She’s a supporter for women’s rights. We’ve seen how important women’s rights are in elections, such as in the 2012 presidential election and in the recent Virginia gubernatorial election. I think it’s really important that we have a women president giving a face to women’s rights on the national stage, making sure that we (women) don’t have men always speaking for us and deciding how we get to exercise our reproductive rights.

Let me know what you all think!



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