Everyday Princesses

I love this fantastic satirical cartoon by David Trumble. If you didn’t hear about the Merida controversy, a few months ago, Disney gave Princess Merida from Brave a make over. Merida was awesome because she wasn’t like every other princess. She was a BAMF who didn’t play by the rules: she had unruly hair, didn’t like to be a girly girl and want to go out to shoot arrows (ie traditionally male activities). However, when Disney decided to officially make her a princess they completely feminized her, changing everything that was so awesome about her:

It showed that to be a princess you has to be sexualized and completely feminine. So David Trumble transformed everyday heroines, like Anne Frank:

anne frank realanne frank princess


and Susan B. Anthony:

susan b anthony realsusan b anthony princess

I absolutely love this: I think it’s a great way to make fun of Disney’s views. Check out the article to see all of our “everyday princesses”.

**All images are from http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2487316/Real-life-heroines-including-Hillary-Clinton-Malala-Disney-princess-make-ridiculous-archetype-is.html



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