Growing up in the Spotlight

Here’s an interesting view on what it’s like to be a Disney kid. Joe Jonas published his account of growing up in the spotlight. I think it’s pretty interesting seeing how the patriarchal views of sex and censoring sex acts also affect young men. Let me know what you all think!

Inequality in Film Representation

New York Film Academy put together a great visual on how women are unequally represented in film. If there’s any feminist movie junkies out there, this is the perfect article for you!

Janelle: Music’s new Feminist Heroine

Janelle Monae is a new musician on the scene and a huge advocate for feminism. If you haven’t checked her out, you should because she is fantastic: just a glimpse into her views:

retrieved from: Equality for Women Facebook Page

retrieved from: Equality for Women Facebook Page

Female Role Model One-Stop Shop

If you’re looking for empowering female role models for the little girl in your life and want to encorporate some Christmas gifts in to that stuff, here’s the website for you. It has everything from books to action figures to posters for all kinds of heroines, whether their historical, tv/movie, or superheros. Happy shopping!

Everyday Princesses

I love this fantastic satirical cartoon by David Trumble. If you didn’t hear about the Merida controversy, a few months ago, Disney gave Princess Merida from Brave a make over. Merida was awesome because she wasn’t like every other princess. She was a BAMF who didn’t play by the rules: she had unruly hair, didn’t like to be a girly girl and want to go out to shoot arrows (ie traditionally male activities). However, when Disney decided to officially make her a princess they completely feminized her, changing everything that was so awesome about her:

It showed that to be a princess you has to be sexualized and completely feminine. So David Trumble transformed everyday heroines, like Anne Frank:

anne frank realanne frank princess


and Susan B. Anthony:

susan b anthony realsusan b anthony princess

I absolutely love this: I think it’s a great way to make fun of Disney’s views. Check out the article to see all of our “everyday princesses”.

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New battlefront in the War on Women

An interesting take on the new battlefront the internet provides for the war on women. Online harassment allows a new frontier that expands the amount of victims for those who wish to target and terrorize women and allowing the rape culture to flourish without recourse.

Let me know what you think!


Hunger Games: Gender Role Analysis

This article is pretty interesting. If you already didn’t have enough reasons to love the Hunger Games, here’s another. It’s pretty amazing how the two main characters challenge the typical gender roles (also know as a strong male and a helpless female). It’s very obvious that Katniss is not the stereotypical female in movies– she’s a kick ass female lead who can do everything a man can do but probably does it better. She doesn’t do typical female things, instead she’s really know how to hunt and kill with a bow and arrow.

Peeta however isn’t the traditional male, he really takes on the role as the “girlfriend”. I won’t repeat the article but check it out, it’s fantastic.