Rosa Parks 58th Anniversary of refusing to give up her seat

I just want to pay my respects to Rosa Parks, who refused to give up her seat 58 years ago yesterday. Her taking a stand was a huge thing not only for African Americans but also for women. She’s a fantastic role model and icon for feminists and race activists alike. Congratulations Rosa!

retrieved from Equality for Women facebook page

retrieved from Equality for Women facebook page

Where’s the justice for Renisha McBride?

This article hits the nail on the head. If you haven’t heard Renisha’s story, you should listen up. Renisha was murdered a few weeks ago, after crashing her car in the late hours of the night she wandered onto a porch close by to get help. Instead of being greeted with kindness and an offer to call 911, she was shot in the face with a shotgun through a screen door. Here’s where the case starts to parallel the Trayvon Martin case even more. Not only was she not an imminent threat, her murderer wasn’t until recently arrested for her death because he claimed self defense.

It seems to be a reoccurring problem in the US that white men find unarmed, young people of color to be such an threat they must kill them before they actually do something wrong.

But where is the outcry for Renisha? Where are the “hoodie marches” that people like Beyonce and Jay-Z participated in mourning the loss of Trayvon? Why is it that we as a people can be outraged for a young black man but don’t even pay attention for a young black woman? Just something to think about and we should make a conscious effort to change.

GAP’s baller response

Recently, Gap let out this advertisement:

It made a few waves because these aren’t the traditional models that Gap has used: they branched out and used people who aren’t “traditional Americans”. This was a public response in New York City:

If you can’t read it some crossed out “love” from the Caption “Make Love” and wrote bombs– because obviously if your skin is brown you’re a Muslim extremist (kind of awkward because these models are Indian). Someone also wrote “Please stop driving taxis”.

After receiving notice of this vandalism, Gap asked where this occurred so this could be fixed and put the ad up as their twitter background.

You go Gap! Kudos to your prompt and awesome response to this atrocity.

A racial critic of Katy Perry’s AMA preformance

Here’s an interesting article on Katy Perry’s performance at the AMAs. I think more people should think like this when they try to portray other cultures, especially if they are in a culture (or race) of privilege. I know many won’t agree but I think it’s key that we examine these views from people who are offended so we can check our actions.

Let me know what you think!