My New Blog!

Hi everyone, thanks so much for following my blog! Last semester’s project was a huge success and I want to thank you all for paying attention to my posts. Please follow my current semester’s blog: “Tough Guys and Sexy Girls: Misrepresentations in the Media“. It’s going to based in feminist philosophy, but it will be focusing specifically how men and women are being portrayed and are affected by patriarchal norms. Hopefully you’ll check it out and I’ll continue to post on here every now and then.

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Female Role Model One-Stop Shop

If you’re looking for empowering female role models for the little girl in your life and want to encorporate some Christmas gifts in to that stuff, here’s the website for you. It has everything from books to action figures to posters for all kinds of heroines, whether their historical, tv/movie, or superheros. Happy shopping!

Exclusion from rape debate?

Here’s a great article talking about who and what is involved when addressing the rape culture problem we face, especially when dealing with people of color. Women of color are currently rather excluded from the converstation (a reoccurring problem, since they were excluded from much of the first two waves of feminism) as well as false beliefs around men of color being the traditional perpetrators of rape.

Think this is accurate?



Who doesn’t love to take a great couple of selfies every now and then? According to this article, selfies are good for girls because it helps promote confidence and self worth. So next time you see a girl taking pictures of themselves, be glad that they feel good about themselves today.

Selfie on my friends.