If we treated physical disease how we treat mental illness


Just something to think about, these are things that people with depression, anxiety etc are told all the time by people who don’t understand mental illness. Do your best to learn, accept and understand mental illness!


Government forcible removes baby FROM THE WOMB

I find this story EXTREMELY problematic. An Italian woman living in the UK who was suffering from bipolar disorder was institutionalized, had a forced cescarian section to remove her baby, and then social services took her child. So… apparently, if you visit the UK and become ill, the government has the right to steal your baby, straight from your womb. As if people with disabilities didn’t have enough of their reproductive rights taken away in the past two hundred years (through forced sterilization as well as it being illegal for some with mental disabilities to marry), it’s extremely disheartening to see that it’s still occurring. The worse part I think is the fact that social services put the baby with a British family, instead of sending it to live with it’s extended family in Italy and that even though the mother is of good mental health now, they refuse to give her back her baby. ‘

Despite the fact that she may have had a mental break, the women should NOT have been forced to have the baby delivered. She should have been institutionalized and kept safe until she either a. had the baby or b. was of stable mind. The baby should have been given to it’s biological extended family in Italy, not a foster family in Britain and WHEN the mother was mentally stable, she should have gotten her baby back.

So many legal violations, how does crap like this happen?

Pro Tip: How to Avoid Ableism each and every day

Here’s a great list of how to modify your everyday activities in order to make sure you’re not hurting those who are not as able-bodied as you! It’s pretty easy, a few things like taking the stairs so those that can’t use them have access to the elevator and remember that those that are disabled are people too.