Fox News Makes Me Sad

So Fox News has a few women bloggers that make me feel super sad inside. Their views tend to put women’s right back 100 years. This most recent article talks about how women need husbands. I’m sorry but I don’t think women should be told that they need to depend on a man FOR ANYTHING. Do women want to raise children on their own? Do they want to live in solditude for their entire lives? Maybe, but probably not. Life isn’t easy and sometimes you have to do things on you own. And women who do it on their own are some of the strongest people I have ever met. Being raised by a single mother, I think my mom is superwoman. She did everything for us and while it wasn’t perfect, she did a damn good job. I didn’t want my parents to stay together, it was a war zone. Sometimes a single parent household will be happier and healthier for children.

It’s also pretty messed up that ALL women need to be with a man, especially where many women aren’t even attracted to men. Does that mean that lesbian or bisexual women who don’t want to have a husband are doomed for failure and their kids will turn out rotten? Not at all– my aunt is a lesbian and she is successful and her kids are great people. Fox News: you need to get over your patriarchal and misogynistic views of how marriage and women should be. Women can and will do whatever they need to, and they don’t need a man to do it.