Just one more way the government wants to regulate your body

Here’s an interesting article on how a state senate  passed a bill to ban certain body peircing and tattoos. While this bill affects women and men alike, it shows how the government takes a patriarchal stance on how to regulate the bodies of men, women and people of color, which this country has a long history about.

What do you think?

Why the Media Failed Women in 2013

Found this awesome video on my study break. I hope you all like it as much as I do!

Fox News Makes Me Sad

So Fox News has a few women bloggers that make me feel super sad inside. Their views tend to put women’s right back 100 years. This most recent article talks about how women need husbands. I’m sorry but I don’t think women should be told that they need to depend on a man FOR ANYTHING. Do women want to raise children on their own? Do they want to live in solditude for their entire lives? Maybe, but probably not. Life isn’t easy and sometimes you have to do things on you own. And women who do it on their own are some of the strongest people I have ever met. Being raised by a single mother, I think my mom is superwoman. She did everything for us and while it wasn’t perfect, she did a damn good job. I didn’t want my parents to stay together, it was a war zone. Sometimes a single parent household will be happier and healthier for children.

It’s also pretty messed up that ALL women need to be with a man, especially where many women aren’t even attracted to men. Does that mean that lesbian or bisexual women who don’t want to have a husband are doomed for failure and their kids will turn out rotten? Not at all– my aunt is a lesbian and she is successful and her kids are great people. Fox News: you need to get over your patriarchal and misogynistic views of how marriage and women should be. Women can and will do whatever they need to, and they don’t need a man to do it.

What really grinds my gears

I’m sure most of you have heard that Terry McAuliffe won the Virginia governor’s race (yay!). However, the past 2 days have been full of interesting posts on Facebook and other social media cites from my conservative friends. Post such as:

“When your morals and money are gone – look in the mirror. A liar is a liar and will NEVER change. You will be called on it. Trust me….Our beloved Commonwealth has been overrun with liberals, and that is not a good thing.”

“Did not a very prominent Dem (the liar president) state on numerous occasions “If you like your health insurance, you can keep it”… and still my beloved Commonwealth of Virginia (with way too many non VA natives) has not understood the lies. MY Virginia would never go for this. And… if this offends you – feel free to delete me.”

“As the polls come in….. be mindful that some idiots may get what they asked for. Don’t you dare to complain – I will call you on it! May take six months before they go back on their campaign promises – but it will come..”

“So Virginians…those for McAuliffe, what did you really vote for last night?
*More overreaching in Obamacare
*Bringing back in the unions. No more right to work state
*$1700 in new taxes per person
*Penalty tax for driving a hybrid or electric car
*A mileage tax charged to everyone on the number of miles driven annually
*A Governor elect that is involved in 5 different Federal investigations
*A governor who personally had his company set up in China all while financially duping the poor folks of Mississippi.
*A Governor who invested in a scheme to take retirement funds and Insurance benefits away from terminally ill patients. His cohort has already been convicted and put in prison.
*A governor who worked hand in hand with Hillary’s brother to get illegal visas for Chinese businessmen in exchange for cash investments into his Chinese based Greentech Electric car company.
*A governor who is a liar and follows the example of the current lying President of the United States.

Let’s have a moment of silence for all the ignorance in the world. Now let’s something straight. ALL of these quotes, these examples of partisan politics are the reason why things like the shutdown happen. It’s the reason why Congress has the lowest approval rating in it’s history. Because all you all (Democrats do this too), get up on your high horse and think you are SOO much better than the other party, you refuse to reach across party lines and actually get shit done. Sorry not sorry but everyone who participates in politics, whether it be the politicians or the voters, needs to grow up and get over themselves. It’s not about you, it’s not about your personal beliefs, it’s about creating change so we can actually be a functioning society that is perceived to be competent worldwide.

So let’s talk about some of the arguments made:

1. Virginia is overrun by liberals. False. Yes you have a Democrat governor and lieutenant governor, however, life wont be easy for them with a Republican attorney general and a majority of Republicans in the House of Delegates. Quit crying because you didn’t win every race you want. You’ll still have mainly Republican legislation being passed through the House, you just won’t get anti-LGBTQ and anti-women legislation passed.

2. McAuliffe won because of people who work in Virginia and REAL Virginians didn’t want him to win. False, maybe? I can’t speak for everyone, I can’t get in the heads of every person who voted for Virginia however, the only area where that argument could be made is Northern Virginia (because people from Maryland and D.C. commute to work there. However, look how Virginians voted. College towns like Harrisonburg, Danville, and Roanoke all went blue (and are in Southern Virginia, far from where those hippy liberal commuters work) and so did much of the Virginia Beach and Chesapeake area. I can speak for myself however. I was born and raised in Virginia, I love this state however I think our politicians get away with politics that should have stayed in the 1940’s when they propose bills that hate anyone who isn’t a white, upper-class, heterosexual, Christian, able-bodied male. I think we should get out of these “good ole boy” politics and actually get with the 21st century. But that’s just my two-cents as a Virginian.

3. You get what you ask for, McAuliffe will go back on campaign promises, just like Obama. True, to some extent. Politicians lie. It sucks but they do it. Most politicians are good sweet talkers to get into office and then play party politics once they get elected and don’t do much. Obama has been taken as this huge liar. I get it, Obama’s not a popular guy, but he hasn’t lied about things. He’s kept most campaign promises unless party politics have gotten in the way. One thing is for sure, McAuliffe’s biggest campaign promises were that he wouldn’t pass anti-women or anti-LGBTQ legislation that Cuccinelli would have passed. I feel like most people won’t be too upset wit him as long as that type of legislation doesn’t get passed.

4. McAuliffe is a liar and dirty politician and you’re a selfish women if you voted from him. False, get over yourself. If it’s selfish for a women to want to have autonomy over her body, then I don’t want to live on this planet. My biggest problem with Republicans is that they frame women as selfish for wanting to decide the future of their own health. I’m not rich, I’m not economically-independent, and I take birth control for medical reasons. I don’t think abortion is a great thing but you’re damn right I think I should have the right to have one if I so desire. If you believe abortion is murder, then don’t have one! Just how Republicans don’t want the government trample on their government rights, I don’t want rich white men trampling on my right to decide my own reproductive health. McAuliffe may not be a great person, but he’s better than a Tea-Party Cuccinelli who thinks he’s pro-women because he helped a girl in college (got that gem from the second debate). You think that McAuliffe is going to change everything but again, let’s be real, with a Republican majority in the House of Delegates McAuliffe won’t get any major Democratic legislation passed.

Let me know what you all think, I’m curious to see how Republicans will respond to this post.


Why its tough to be a woman in politics: Part 2

Women in politics are categorized into stereotypes: the most popular are the Ditz (ie Sarah Palin) and the Bitch (ie Hilary Clinton). While I’m not going to dispute that there will be women politicians who will fall into this category, I will say that you should not demean or trash women candidate on whether or not the fit into their category, you should criticize them on their ideology and political beliefs.

During Sarah Palin’s election run with John McCain, a man moved into the house next door to her and wrote a book called “Rogue” depicting lies of extramarital affairs and drug use. Throughout the campaign, Palin was objectified for how she looked being seen as a sex symbol instead of a politician. She was framed as a bad mother because her daughter was pregnant during the campaign and she wanted to run for national office while having a young child with Down’s Syndrome. Most of her criticism was focused on how she measured up as a women, not on her ideology or political beliefs and let’s be real people, there’s plenty of things to criticize Sarah Palin on when considering her stance on policies.


Hilary has been portrayed as the cold-hearted bitch of American politics. Even people who advocate for a change in how people dipict women, still say thing such as Hilary “finally has permission to be a bitch” and “As a post-menopausal woman, she no longer needs to concern herself with the armies of attackers who for years have ceaselessly found her insufficiently girlish, womanly, or sexually desirable.” I think its important to note that Hilary is perceived as a bitch because she’s taking on the role as the firm leader in order to “fit” better in the patriarchal and man-centered culture that is our political system.

Again, there will be women who fit into the general stereotypes of the “Bitch” and the “Ditz” but I think that it’s important that we as a society try and move ourselves away from the mind set of classifying women in this way to a point where it hinders their success. I think instead we should solely focus on the ideologies and the political beliefs of the women who run for office and maybe we no longer will be the developed nation with the lowest amount of women in our governmental offices.


Why it’s tough to be a woman politician: Part 1

It’s tough to be a woman politician in America. There’s a few reason for it. This is going to be a two to three part series on why women have a much more difficult time in politics:

The first is gender norms. When you think of what a woman or a girl should be, you tend to think of a woman as kind, gentle, and passive. Girls are socialized from a young as to be feminine. We should play with dolls, do ballet, and wear everything that is pink. We are taught to accept things and not to be put up a fight (or else we’re being bad). This is somewhat of how we think women should be in the public sphere. A woman should stay at home and should be passive next to males (or risk being a bitch). However, we consider leaders to be assertive, authoritative, and headstrong. Women who try to be leader reach this dichotomy: either break gender norms and be a leader (and be ridiculed in the process being labeled a bitch) or choose not to get involved in politics and follow established norms.

A poll from the National Journal surveyed members of Congress on whether or not they believe that it is harder for women in politics. 81% of Democrats (out of 90 votes) believe it is harder to be a woman in politics. When asked why they believed such some congress members were cited as saying:

“Depends on which office she is running for. It’s usually a challenge for women to break into power-broker networks to raise money.”

“Old prejudices die very hard.”

“It’s still, ‘You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t.’ Very few strong assertive females are treated the same as their male counterparts. They are labeled if they are outspoken.”

3% of Democrats surveyed believe it is easier to be a woman in politics and 16% of Democrats surveyed believe there is no difference in difficulty between men and women.

In that same poll, 44% of Republicans (out of 80 votes) believe it is harder to be a woman in politics. When asked why they believed such, some members were quoted saying:

“More to prove, and women usually get a later start or derailed because of kids and family.”

“It’s still a man’s world generally in politics at all levels for a variety of reasons, including women having more family responsibilities than men and conservative women less likely to run, and tradition. However, the world is changing, and if Hillary runs in 2016 and wins, that could change the paradigm.”

“The times they are a-changin’ but it takes time. It’s harder for GOP women than Dem women.”

25% of Republicans surveyed believe it is easier to be a woman in politics and 31% of Republicans surveyed believe there is no difference in difficulty between men and women. 

While there are great differences in how each party views women in politics, still a majority of each party sees and recognizes the difficulties women in our political system face. 

A 2010 study by Loyola Marymount University surveys women and how they view themselves as qualified when deciding to run for political office. Of the men and women surveyed, 33% of women and 35% of men had conducted extensive policy research; 65% of women and 69% of men regularly engaged in public speaking; and 69% of women and 64% of men had fundraising experience. So the men and women who were surveyed were relatively equal in the experience they have. Despite the equality in experience, women were found to be substantially less likely than men to see themselves as qualified to run for office. Women were found to be 29% less likely than men to see themselves as highly qualified and were 80% more likely to consider themselves not qualified at all. Women also have a stronger sense of the inequality that women politicians face: 78% of women believe it is more difficult to be a woman in politics compared to 57% of men believing the same.

Let me know what you think of these statistics and keep a look out for the next parts in this series!