Evan Rachel Wood on Women’s Sexuality in Film

I absolutely LOVE this article that features Evan Rachel Wood’s twitter rant on how women’s sexuality is portrayed in film and television shows. Personally I find it pretty problematic in our society where we prize men as being naturally sexual beings, so it’s ok if they participate in sexual acts in public (you can check out some of my views on this sort of thing here.) Evan talks about how women’s sexuality in film is overly-censored and it’s a bunch of bologna– and I completely agree. It’s about time that women stopped getting slut-shamed and censored and were allowed to be perceived as the sexual beings that they are.

You go Evan!

GAP’s baller response

Recently, Gap let out this advertisement:

It made a few waves because these aren’t the traditional models that Gap has used: they branched out and used people who aren’t “traditional Americans”. This was a public response in New York City:

If you can’t read it some crossed out “love” from the Caption “Make Love” and wrote bombs– because obviously if your skin is brown you’re a Muslim extremist (kind of awkward because these models are Indian). Someone also wrote “Please stop driving taxis”.

After receiving notice of this vandalism, Gap asked where this occurred so this could be fixed and put the ad up as their twitter background.

You go Gap! Kudos to your prompt and awesome response to this atrocity.