Just one more way the government wants to regulate your body

Here’s an interesting article on how a state senate  passed a bill to ban certain body peircing and tattoos. While this bill affects women and men alike, it shows how the government takes a patriarchal stance on how to regulate the bodies of men, women and people of color, which this country has a long history about.

What do you think?

Petition: Ban Rapists from suing their impregnated victims for custody

Please sign this petition: It’s really important that we start making a shift in our society to protect the victims of rape no matter what and this petition is a really great step, all you have to do is make an account and click a button to sign.


Government forcible removes baby FROM THE WOMB

I find this story EXTREMELY problematic. An Italian woman living in the UK who was suffering from bipolar disorder was institutionalized, had a forced cescarian section to remove her baby, and then social services took her child. So… apparently, if you visit the UK and become ill, the government has the right to steal your baby, straight from your womb. As if people with disabilities didn’t have enough of their reproductive rights taken away in the past two hundred years (through forced sterilization as well as it being illegal for some with mental disabilities to marry), it’s extremely disheartening to see that it’s still occurring. The worse part I think is the fact that social services put the baby with a British family, instead of sending it to live with it’s extended family in Italy and that even though the mother is of good mental health now, they refuse to give her back her baby. ‘

Despite the fact that she may have had a mental break, the women should NOT have been forced to have the baby delivered. She should have been institutionalized and kept safe until she either a. had the baby or b. was of stable mind. The baby should have been given to it’s biological extended family in Italy, not a foster family in Britain and WHEN the mother was mentally stable, she should have gotten her baby back.

So many legal violations, how does crap like this happen?

Take the pledge to help end sexual violence

Everyone should go and sign this pledge. By signing you’re agreeing to help stop sexual violence by recognizing what everyday actions you take may contribute to rape culture and furthering the female stereotype. This may include language or jokes that are derogatory to women or promote rape etc. It’s really important that all of us realize this sort of attitude towards this issues bring complacency as well as makes us think these issues aren’t as big of a deal. It originally is a pledge for those living in Texas but that’s no reason why you shouldn’t sign if you live outside the state. Women (men and children too!) everywhere need both men and women to realize what they contribute to the rape culture that we all live in. If you want to learn more about the organization sponsoring this pledge, you can find the Texas Association Against Sexual Assult (TAASA)’s facebook page here.

Facts on Rape in the Military

Rape in the military has been a huge topic the past year or so and lawmakers have been trying to propose new legislation to give justice to the victims. If you aren’t sure how you feel about it: here’s a list of 50 facts on rape in the military.

Don’t drink! Or you’ll get raped

Ugh, this article is some of the worst journalism I’ve seen in a while. I just have a problem with people blaming women for getting raped. Whether or not you drink, a women is NEVER to blame for getting raped. Why don’t be blame the men who decide that they should take advantage of women when their drunk? Why don’t we blame the culture that condones degrading women and treating them like dirt so it makes rape seem ok? Why don’t we blame the women who would rather blame their fellow female colleagues for their decisions instead of banning together to change the anti-women culture we live in? Why don’t we blame the fact that our court system give men a lesser punishment for raping when they’re drunk but shames women for getting drunk in the first place and letting it happen?

Seriously. This is ridiculous. Violence against women isn’t ever her fault, whether she had a drink or asked the guy who date-raped her out. The blame lies in our culture, that tells men you’re only a real man if you dominate women and treat them like trash.

Congratulations, you now have to buy rape insurance

This article highlights how based on a new proposition voted on by the public of Michigan, women now have to buy rape insurance. That’s cool though because obviously rape is women’s fault, and if she wants to prevent it, the burden is on her, not the society that has produced a culture condoning rape and teaching men how to rape.

Good grief this country makes me ashamed and sad to be apart of its citizens.

Women President 2016: Hilary Clinton

I love the idea of Hilary running for president. I think he’s one of the best candidates for the democratic party in 2016, plus how fantastic would it be for us to have a racial minority president and a women president back to back?

I think Hilary would be a good option for president for a few reasons:

1. Hilary has the experience to be a president. She’s been a Senator— she’s already been voted by the people and worked to serve her constituents. She was a senator for nine years, during the terms both George W. Bush and Obama. She knows how to work across the aisle to get legislation passed. She’s been the Secretary of State— she’s already built relationships and been an advocate for the United States in other countries. She knows how to use and build relations with other nations for the good of the US. She’s been a First Lady— she knows how the presidency works and how to live in the limelight of the White House.

2. She has the support. Hilary already has a superpac, Ready for Hilary. Plus she’s already getting endorsements from other people, such as former president Jimmy Carter and Senator Chuck Schumer. People in politics see her qualifications and how she would be a good fit for the presidency.

3. She’s a supporter for women’s rights. We’ve seen how important women’s rights are in elections, such as in the 2012 presidential election and in the recent Virginia gubernatorial election. I think it’s really important that we have a women president giving a face to women’s rights on the national stage, making sure that we (women) don’t have men always speaking for us and deciding how we get to exercise our reproductive rights.

Let me know what you all think!


Women’s Want Rights?: Political Cartoons

I know– it’s kind of ridiculous that women want autonomy over their bodies. Here’s a few post to brighten up your day ladies!

how i really feel

What really grinds my gears

I’m sure most of you have heard that Terry McAuliffe won the Virginia governor’s race (yay!). However, the past 2 days have been full of interesting posts on Facebook and other social media cites from my conservative friends. Post such as:

“When your morals and money are gone – look in the mirror. A liar is a liar and will NEVER change. You will be called on it. Trust me….Our beloved Commonwealth has been overrun with liberals, and that is not a good thing.”

“Did not a very prominent Dem (the liar president) state on numerous occasions “If you like your health insurance, you can keep it”… and still my beloved Commonwealth of Virginia (with way too many non VA natives) has not understood the lies. MY Virginia would never go for this. And… if this offends you – feel free to delete me.”

“As the polls come in….. be mindful that some idiots may get what they asked for. Don’t you dare to complain – I will call you on it! May take six months before they go back on their campaign promises – but it will come..”

“So Virginians…those for McAuliffe, what did you really vote for last night?
*More overreaching in Obamacare
*Bringing back in the unions. No more right to work state
*$1700 in new taxes per person
*Penalty tax for driving a hybrid or electric car
*A mileage tax charged to everyone on the number of miles driven annually
*A Governor elect that is involved in 5 different Federal investigations
*A governor who personally had his company set up in China all while financially duping the poor folks of Mississippi.
*A Governor who invested in a scheme to take retirement funds and Insurance benefits away from terminally ill patients. His cohort has already been convicted and put in prison.
*A governor who worked hand in hand with Hillary’s brother to get illegal visas for Chinese businessmen in exchange for cash investments into his Chinese based Greentech Electric car company.
*A governor who is a liar and follows the example of the current lying President of the United States.

Let’s have a moment of silence for all the ignorance in the world. Now let’s something straight. ALL of these quotes, these examples of partisan politics are the reason why things like the shutdown happen. It’s the reason why Congress has the lowest approval rating in it’s history. Because all you all (Democrats do this too), get up on your high horse and think you are SOO much better than the other party, you refuse to reach across party lines and actually get shit done. Sorry not sorry but everyone who participates in politics, whether it be the politicians or the voters, needs to grow up and get over themselves. It’s not about you, it’s not about your personal beliefs, it’s about creating change so we can actually be a functioning society that is perceived to be competent worldwide.

So let’s talk about some of the arguments made:

1. Virginia is overrun by liberals. False. Yes you have a Democrat governor and lieutenant governor, however, life wont be easy for them with a Republican attorney general and a majority of Republicans in the House of Delegates. Quit crying because you didn’t win every race you want. You’ll still have mainly Republican legislation being passed through the House, you just won’t get anti-LGBTQ and anti-women legislation passed.

2. McAuliffe won because of people who work in Virginia and REAL Virginians didn’t want him to win. False, maybe? I can’t speak for everyone, I can’t get in the heads of every person who voted for Virginia however, the only area where that argument could be made is Northern Virginia (because people from Maryland and D.C. commute to work there. However, look how Virginians voted. College towns like Harrisonburg, Danville, and Roanoke all went blue (and are in Southern Virginia, far from where those hippy liberal commuters work) and so did much of the Virginia Beach and Chesapeake area. I can speak for myself however. I was born and raised in Virginia, I love this state however I think our politicians get away with politics that should have stayed in the 1940’s when they propose bills that hate anyone who isn’t a white, upper-class, heterosexual, Christian, able-bodied male. I think we should get out of these “good ole boy” politics and actually get with the 21st century. But that’s just my two-cents as a Virginian.

3. You get what you ask for, McAuliffe will go back on campaign promises, just like Obama. True, to some extent. Politicians lie. It sucks but they do it. Most politicians are good sweet talkers to get into office and then play party politics once they get elected and don’t do much. Obama has been taken as this huge liar. I get it, Obama’s not a popular guy, but he hasn’t lied about things. He’s kept most campaign promises unless party politics have gotten in the way. One thing is for sure, McAuliffe’s biggest campaign promises were that he wouldn’t pass anti-women or anti-LGBTQ legislation that Cuccinelli would have passed. I feel like most people won’t be too upset wit him as long as that type of legislation doesn’t get passed.

4. McAuliffe is a liar and dirty politician and you’re a selfish women if you voted from him. False, get over yourself. If it’s selfish for a women to want to have autonomy over her body, then I don’t want to live on this planet. My biggest problem with Republicans is that they frame women as selfish for wanting to decide the future of their own health. I’m not rich, I’m not economically-independent, and I take birth control for medical reasons. I don’t think abortion is a great thing but you’re damn right I think I should have the right to have one if I so desire. If you believe abortion is murder, then don’t have one! Just how Republicans don’t want the government trample on their government rights, I don’t want rich white men trampling on my right to decide my own reproductive health. McAuliffe may not be a great person, but he’s better than a Tea-Party Cuccinelli who thinks he’s pro-women because he helped a girl in college (got that gem from the second debate). You think that McAuliffe is going to change everything but again, let’s be real, with a Republican majority in the House of Delegates McAuliffe won’t get any major Democratic legislation passed.

Let me know what you all think, I’m curious to see how Republicans will respond to this post.